About Us

We're Saify Salt

Saify Salt is supplier of Himalayan Rock Salt with office located in Karachi.
The authentic himalayan salt which is mined from the largest salt mine in Asia know as Khewra Himalayan Salt Mine located at Kehwra, Punjab-Pakistan. We provide all grades of Salt Lamps, Cooking Salt, Bath Salt, Animal Licksalt, Salt Blocks/Bricks/Tiles, Massaging Stones and a wide range of custom made products.

We put all our passion on all projects we work because in the end we love our job and love to see our clients happy.

Our Mission

To combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices in order to provide the best value for consumers.

Our Vision

The vision of SAIFY SALT is to become a global salt company which seeks to take lead in providing the finest and high quality of HIMALAYAN salt to its customers worldwide.

Let's work together